Thursday, 21 September 2017


It is evident, the popular activities that people undertake apart from the Gorilla safaris tours in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park include game drive safaris and boat cruise in Queen Elizabeth national park.  Those two activities are done at intervals giving tourists who would wish to partake in both activities a chance to do so, since each activity has its unique excitement levels.

Now there is a lot more ways to enjoy the game park with more exciting activities being introduced here. Among the prominent is the hot air balloon. The hot air balloon is must-activity of late if you have some extra dollars to spend on a Uganda safari. Hot air balloon to date is only done in two national game parks in Uganda –Queen Elizabeth national park and Murchison falls National park.
The hot air balloon Safari in Queen Elizabeth national park is currently operated by Balloons tours Uganda. The only company so far that holds a license by the Uganda Aviation authority to fly balloons in this game park.
The company boasts of well-trained staff that has experience of over 10 years flying balloons. At the present time, only one balloon is operational which carries 16 passengers. But there are plans to source the second one that shall accommodate 24 passengers. The flight is usually an hour long of seeing all the wildlife from the skies. The balloon flight sets off before dawn and by sunrise you are almost done watching the wildlife and beautiful nature. And there is more to this balloon safari after the flight, you will be taken care of- take for example there will be bush breakfast for you prepared by one of the best lodges in Queen Elizabeth national park, Mweya safari lodge. And finally, the pick-up time is usually around 05.30 am at Kasenyi gate to complete your amazing balloon safari experience.

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